They came while he was away in the hospital tossing in a cramped room, sweating for each breath.  Pneumonia, the doctor told him and he blanched at how deep into old age he’d come.  All that was left to do was break a hip, feel his mind smooth into dementia, then he’d be gone.  Carol … Continue reading glenlivet


The neighbor had his gun.  Alice watched him put it into the glove compartment of his minivan while his wife was helping the children into their seats.  He carried it with them whenever they left the city – for protection, he’d said one afternoon last summer when she’d been walking past and he’d come out … Continue reading neighbor


Kathleen stood in the driveway with her mother.  They were looking at the gold Acura that belonged to her parents. Her mother held out her hand, letting the keys dangle from her index finger. “You’ll be careful,” she said, her voice soft, in the way that always made Kathleen want to sigh loudly. “Yes, mom, … Continue reading acura