Welcome! My name is tonia and I live with my family in the Pacific NW in a little old house on a hill in the woods.  We call it “Fernwood,” and that’s where I write – every morning in my small basement room, carving out stories, essays, and poems, working out the questions as best I can with words.  I’m interested in the language of nature, of the soul, in the poetry and prose of human relationship.

The poet and pacifist, William Stafford, said:

“The myth I hold is not that of the curse on the family, the guilt hovering forever as a result of a bad deed; but instead the vision of life haunted by some unerasable good deed:  a life that can’t lose for long, or at least forever.  Not Oedipus doomed, but Aeneas bearing the unshruggable potential for later life – this is the pattern I note.”

This is the pattern that I work to weave into my own writing: an orientation towards grace that is determined not by naive sentimentality or piousness, but one that manifests itself in the simplicity, kindness, and fidelity of one person to another, of each of us to the world and its creatures. This doesn’t mean I write always-happy endings or avoid the pain and grit of life, but I write with the belief that in the long scope of our work, it is possible to be both present and aware and yet retain hope.

It is my joy to send the words I write here out into the world and trust that they will arrive exactly when and where they are needed.  If you have come here to visit, I am grateful, and I hope you will find something lovely or thought-provoking to carry away with you.  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for reading.

Peace keep you,


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